About Us

Building Better Brands is Our Mission.
Our attorneys and consultants are committed to optimizing how you create and communicate your brand to the public. And when the need arises, we are your guardians against infringement.

We want our clients to build the business they envision. This typically begins with the development and protection of intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, and patents) as the client establishes the brand identity that makes their business exceptional.

We’ve Been Around.

We've all practiced for at least fifteen years and most of us have honed our skills in large, traditional law firms, multinational corporations, and/or federal agencies. As a result, we can deliver a compelling view of the landscape that affects your business, whether it be large or small.

We’re Cost Effective.

We have decades of experience, but you won’t pay exorbitant rates for that. As a distributed firm with low overhead, our rates are lower than the rates of traditional firms. Moreover, we welcome alternative billing arrangements. Much of our work is billed on a fixed fee or a capped fee basis.

Your Data is Accessible.

If you have a portfolio of trademarks and/or copyrights and patents, anywhere in the world, you can obtain up-to-date status information directly and all in one place. Simply contact us and we'll set it up.