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It's a symbiotic kind of thing.

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Entrepreneurs and Lawyers

Can there be symbiosis?

SYMBIOSIS, when it comes to humans, is a cooperative relationship between two persons or groups, to the benefit of both.

In nature, symbiosis frequently involves two different species, which is analogous to how we often think about entrepreneurs and lawyers. Entrepreneurs strive to provide a profitable new service or product in an innovative way. Lawyers are rule-bound and tend to be focused on minute details that can seem obstructive.

Symbus’ mission is to find the lawyers that know the rules but think like entrepreneurs. They are more interested in advancing the objectives of the business in a direct and cost-effective way than in racking up billable hours. It takes a certain attitude and a lot of experience to think like this. That’s why all of the lawyers at Symbus have been practicing for at least fifteen years, and are responsibly creative in their outlook.

And how do the entrepreneur and the lawyer benefit each other in a symbiotic way? The entrepreneur moves forward with the milestones of the business, confident that serious risks with regulators and other third parties are minimized. The lawyer gains fresh insights as to how to protect the enterprise and help it to thrive.

Symbus is a distributed law firm, which means our lawyers are in different locations in the United States and other countries. For over twenty years, Symbus has continued to develop effective electronic practices without sacrificing client accessibility or the close working relationships of its lawyers. You won’t be escorted from an impressive lobby to a stately corner office, but we’re guessing you won’t miss these things.