Building Better Brands

Let's Build the Next Iconic Brand. A brand is a cluster of elements working together to create a singular identity. The brand builds loyalty, trust and enthusiasm with your customers.

Trademarks are the most essential element of a brand, and can be words, designs, colors, configurations, and even sounds. The effective trademark means one thing: your products or services. It is not likely to be confused with other trademarks in the marketplace, and it's strong enough to be legally protected. Copyrights protect your manner of expression and your images in digital and print media. Domain Names generally reflect your trademark and facilitate your customer’s ability to find you, and only you. Design Patents protect the ornamental design of a product, blending with the other elements to elevate the brand to your customers. Franchises have creative trademarks at their core, and build goodwill by carefully regulating how services and products are delivered. Brand Consulting helps to research and position trademarks and other indicia in the minds of customers.

Symbus lawyers know the rules but think like entrepreneurs. They are more interested in advancing the objectives of the business in a direct and cost-effective way than in racking up billable hours. It takes a certain attitude and a lot of experience to think like this. That's why all of the lawyers at Symbus have been practicing for at least fifteen years, and are responsibly creative in their outlook.

Symbus is a distributed law firm, which means our lawyers are in different locations in the United States and other countries. For over twenty years, Symbus has developed efficient, electronic practices without sacrificing client accessibility or the close working relationships of its lawyers. You won’t be escorted from a fancy lobby to an impressive corner office, but we’re guessing you won’t miss these things.